As a family physician who practices integrative medicine, I often see clients who are in need of a brand new perspective on their symptoms or conditions.

These clients are the ones who have seen multiple doctors, undergone multiple tests, and yet have not been able to become well. Many are at their wits’ end by the time they end up in my office, whether because their hair is falling out, or their babies are unable to nurse.

My approach to healing includes a heavy emphasis on the emotional wellbeing of the patient. The mind and body work together as a single unit, and what happens in the mind is echoed in the body. Chronic stress, anxiety, and unresolved emotional issues alter the body’s biochemical terrain in significant ways that suppress the immune system and degenerate its integrity, making it more vulnerable to everything from colds to cancer over time. When the mind is relieved of its stress burden, the body responds better to physical treatment. As Aristotle said, “There is no illness of the body apart from the mind.”

“What’s only now emerging is evidence that the emotional wellbeing of a mother can, in fact, activate sympathetic resonance in her child that results in health disturbances.”

In the realm of integrative or alternative medicine, a “new perspective” isn’t simply a second opinion. It’s not a routine review of an existing condition based on previous diagnostics and allopathic philosophy, which often run contrary to the principles of mind-body healing. When a client tells me they’re seeking a new perspective and not a traditional second opinion, that indicates to me that they are looking for answers based on a different paradigm of what illness is and how healing happens.

Patients come to me from all over the world for that very reason—because their second and even third opinions usually echo the first. They’ve lost faith in the limitations of the current healthcare model and are ready for an entirely different approach to health and healing. That’s what I do.

The research confirming the connection between emotional distress and illness is clear and convincing.

What’s only now emerging is evidence that the emotional wellbeing of a mother can, in fact, activate sympathetic resonance in her child that results in health disturbances. Much of this has to do with the unique relationship between mother and child, having shared the same body, blood, and even thoughts for nine months, as well as DNA.

Here are three case studies of clients I’ve personally treated that illustrate the incredible strength of this relationship.

To Heal the Child, We Must Heal the Mother

Case #1: “Sarah” and “Katie”

“Sarah” is the mother of a 4-year-old little girl, “Katie,” who had suddenly developed seizures.

Katie had started seizing once a day some weeks earlier. Quickly, that escalated to twice per day, then three times, until the child was seizing every 10 minutes.

Sarah and Katie’s father, naturally, were deeply anguished about their daughter’s condition, and had done everything they could, medically, to discover why this was happening and to help her heal.

They had taken her to a renowned children’s hospital for a full round of blood tests, which had revealed nothing.

They had had her examined by specialists, who couldn’t find any physical causes for her sudden seizures.

They had taken her to a homeopath and a medical medium, who could not help her.

At this point, they had their little girl on two medications, which was the only solution the doctors were able to offer—and the medications were not working.

This is where the family was when they contacted me. When I got the call from these parents, they stressed several times that they were looking for a fresh or new perspective on their daughter’s case.

Once they arrived in my office and Sarah was providing Katie’s history, I evaluated the child’s behavior and interaction with her mother. Katie seemed slightly agitated, clinging to Sarah’s left side in a way that seemed a bit desperate.

Something about Katie’s clinging to Sarah led me to believe there was an unusually strong attachment between them. I asked Sarah if of her three daughters she thought Katie was the closest to her. She said yes, and went on to tell me that she’d had all her daughters via c-section, which resulted in a significant scar. That’s when I suspected the core of Katie’s challenges might lie with Sarah, and not the child herself.

Since all possible attention had been paid to the physical aspect of Katie’s condition and she’d already been examined by many doctors, my approach would focus on the emotional or energetic components that could be greatly contributing to or even causing Katie’s condition and the current change in the family constellation.

“Sometimes when a child has an exceptionally strong bond to a parent, especially the mother, the cumulative energy from the parent’s increasing upset can create a sympathetic resonance in the child.”

As part of my assessment, Sarah shared that life at home had been a hellacious existence for quite some time. This was due to the constant outbursts from her parents who’d been living in the house, whom Sarah described as “verbally and physically abusive” with “mental illness.” At times, the children, including Katie, witnessed these incidents that Sarah said were “painful” and “traumatic.”

With this in mind, I explained to Sarah the concept of transgenerational trauma. Sometimes when a child has an exceptionally strong bond to a parent, especially the mother, the cumulative energy from the parent’s increasing upset can create a sympathetic resonance in the child. In this circumstance, the child’s porous energy and consciousness can become enmeshed with the mother’s, creating a trickledown effect where the parent’s psychic burden manifests on a physical level in the child.

I explained to her that by working with her c-section scar that she obtained during Katie’s birth, we could begin to separate her energy from her daughter’s and create a clearer distinction between the two.

Once free from the residual energetic impact of her mother’s emotional upset, Katie’s physical structure would begin to find equilibrium again. I have personally witnessed some dramatic changes in children when their mothers were treated in this way.

There is no fault or blame to place on anyone in such a situation. Even so, energetic connections within the body and between people are very real, and sometimes these things do happen, especially between mothers and their children, which is a bond science has barely begun to understand. Each year, more research is revealing the physical reality of such connections, as in a recent study that found DNA remnants of children in their mothers’ brains.

Upon leaving, Sarah was very grateful. I sent her off with a copy of my book, The Clarity Cleanse, that further describes my healing philosophy, a companion CD, some essential bath oils for her and Katie to use in order to assist the separation and reorganization of their personal energies—and a purple crystal that Katie picked up off the countertop because she was fascinated with it.

Although Katie’s father at first was unwilling to attempt the program, after some open communication, he and Sarah decided that they would give it a try.

I am happy to say that Katie is now off all medication and is seizure-free. What’s more, the family has noticed a significant change in their family constellation as well. There is now happiness, joy, and calm where there was once stress, confusion, and anger.

To Heal the Child, We Must Heal the Mother: 3 Case Studies

Case #2: “Cathy”

By the time she came to see me, “Cathy” had taken her 10-month-old son to 40 different physicians.

Her baby hadn’t fed in over nine months and was on two major medications, Erythromycin and Prevacid. He simply would not latch onto his mother’s breast and was visibly wasting away.

After Cathy imparted her frustrating and frightful ordeal to me, she was shocked when I told her that it wasn’t the baby that needed healing; it was her.

As she looked at me, incredulous, I explained that she was carrying too much masculine energy. As an Ivy League-trained psychiatrist, Cathy spent practically every waking hour living in her head. She was also hyper-focused on her practice, which led to overwhelm trying to be the perfect businesswoman and mother. Her life was intellectually driven and not heart-centered. Insufficient levels of feminine energy in her life and body is what I believed was altering the quality and composition of her breast milk, causing her son to refuse it.

We had to find out why she was afraid of living a heart-centered life, as well as create a way for her to release the excess masculine energy she was carrying. I suggested a session of iPs, which includes several energy healing and directed intention techniques designed to extract and absorb negative beliefs, emotions and misidentifications, open the heart chakra and create a void for healing to enter.

“The body is a perfectly sealed environment containing everything within it to run optimally. When we breach that seal and disrupt the environment we upset its energetic equilibrium.”

Cathy was reluctant to try, but because of my persistence, she agreed. I told her the only thing she needed to do was trust and surrender to the experience without expectation.

During her session, Cathy went deeper into her emotions about her ordeal, as she relaxed in a meditative state on my office chaise between two historical images of the Madonna. I didn’t speak a word, but tended to my internal work.

About halfway through, she experienced what can only be described as a profound emotional release. At that point, I knew there had to be a space in her heart for healing to enter.

When we finished, I asked Cathy to attempt to breastfeed her son. She said there was no use in trying as she reiterated all the physical reasons why it wouldn’t work. I reminded her that getting out of her head and into her heart to trust was essential to her success.

She finally agreed and to her amazement, there in my office for the first time in over nine months—nearly the child’s entire life—he latched onto her right breast, the masculine side of the body, where the excess energy had been released and was now back in balance.

Cathy began crying profusely, but I didn’t want her to stop feeding the baby. So I stood next to her, drying her tears as she marveled at the healing she gave to her son, and herself. In that week, Cathy’s son gained four pounds and no longer needed any medication.

Case #3: “Ann”

How does a woman intuitively know when her child is in danger? How is it that she can pick out her child’s cry from a group of children?

We’ve always known that this special energetic connection, which they seem to share with no one else, exists. Until recently, we’ve had to accept this phenomenon on faith alone. Now, science and direct experience are proving the reality of this exclusive bond in more ways than one.

The body is an electrical mechanism and therefore, runs on real measurable energy. This energy, sometimes call Qi or life force energy, travels along 12 specific pathways or meridians through the body penetrating and vitalizing every cell, tissue, fluid and organ with the ability to function optimally.

For nine months, mother and child share everything physical and energetic, from blood to emotions, even meridians. Whatever the mother experiences on a physical or emotional level, her baby experiences in equal measure. Because emotions are the vehicle for energy in the body, we can say that the baby swims in the conscious (and subconscious) thoughts and feelings of the mother.

Most doctors don’t tell expectant mothers this, but a c-section is classified as major surgery, and surgery leaves scars that disrupt the meridians of the body and create secondary problems that most doctors will never connect to the seemingly unrelated surgery.

The body is a perfectly sealed environment containing everything within it to run optimally. When we breach that seal and disrupt the environment we upset its energetic equilibrium. The scar that forms after the surgery acts like a roadblock along the energy meridian where it exists, causing a condition called reverse polarity in one of two ways. Either the energy will hit this wall and begin building a stagnant pool, or ricochet off and travel down a neighboring pathway where it doesn’t belong. The result is a new physical problem in the vicinity of the scar or in a location that seems totally unrelated.

I can’t tell you how many women come into my office suffering from dyspareunia (painful intercourse) or anorgasmia (inability to orgasm) after a c-section birth. Women who’ve had breast augmentation or reduction often come to me after years of taking medication for heart arrhythmias that their doctors cannot explain. I’ve seen an equal number of men suffer from their own secondary problems after an appendectomy, circumcision, hernia removal or gall bladder surgery.

“The existence of the singular bond a mother will have with no one but her children, and that they are forever connected in ways that we’re just beginning to understand.”

To release or reroute the body’s energy in cases like these, I administer an incredible treatment called Integrative Neural Therapy (INT). Also known as German acupuncture, the procedure involves numbing the scar and surrounding area with Procaine. Once inside the body, Procaine gets converted to para-benzoicaminoacid (PABA), an antioxidant that some classify as part of the vitamin B complex. This generates the production of folic acid which begins to release some of the rigidity and stored energy of the scar tissue through the miasmatic process. Moments later, homeopathic healing agents imported from Germany are then injected into the area to reopen the energetic pathway and expedite the release of any lingering stagnation.

The results are some of the most dramatic I’ve ever seen. Long-term illnesses and even chronic pain that’s existed for years fade away, never to return after one or two treatments. The high success rate of INT is due to the way it stimulates the autonomic ganglia, peripheral nerves, related glands and trigger points associated with the affected meridian to normalize the illness-related function of the nervous system. As impressive as it is, I recently had an INT experience that demonstrated a simultaneous physical and energetic healing between a mother and child.

I was the last in a long line of doctors for “Ann” whose 6-year-old son literally hadn’t spoken but one or two utterances in his entire short life. He was diagnosed with autism and selective mutism. The boy was quite restless, and an attempt to perform Integrative Bio-regulatory Medicine (iBm) on him was unsuccessful. After a few other short treatments, Ann mentioned that he was born via c-section. She also shared that since then, she mysteriously suffered from dyspareunia. Because I couldn’t treat Ann’s son the way that I’d wanted, I spoke with her about energy meridians and offered to treat her c-section scar with INT.

I know how this is going to sound, but I will stake my personal and professional reputation on what happened next.

Near the end of the Ann’s INT treatment, her son, occupying himself in another corner of the room, turned to his mother and said clearly, “Mom, can we go home now?”

In my astonishment, I struggled to finish the treatment, while she cried tears of joy. Although I cannot fully explain it, it seems that healing the energetic disruption in Ann from the scar related to her child’s birth, also healed the disruption in the child.

I didn’t need any convincing, but this experience definitively underscored for me the existence of the singular bond a mother will have with no one but her children, and that they are forever connected in ways that we’re just beginning to understand.

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