Becoming a true partner in your healing process and taking responsibility for your personal healing energy at every moment.

There’s a saying in the beauty industry, particularly among professional hairstylists that got me laughing but also thinking about its parallels to healthcare. It seems stylists become increasingly irritated when a patron comes in with a photo torn out of a magazine of a celebrity and wants their hair to look “just like that”. The problem is that the person waving the photo around usually has three hairs left on top of their head or their hair type and texture is the complete opposite for that particular style. Blanching at the photo, some stylists will roll their eyes and say internally, “I’m a beautician, not a magician.”. Some even humorously place a placard with this funny but truthful saying on their station mirrors because their patrons literally expect them to perform miracles.

Responsible Healing

“Healing has to take place in the mind and spirit first, before we see it in the body.”

How does this apply to healthcare? Far too often, patients expect their doctor to do all the work, to create the miracle that will manifest their wellness. They believe that if they show up, follow their protocol perfectly and take all their supplements as prescribed, then healing will happen automatically. This connect-the-dots approach isn’t how healing works. If we truly believe that mind, body and spirit are one, then healing has to take place in the mind and spirit first before we see it in the body.

The healing link to our mind and spirit is in how we feel. Countless studies have now shown that positive, good feelings help us heal better and faster. Our cells “listen” to how we feel and respond accordingly. The energy field your entire body emits, that science used to scoff at and mystics called the aura, can now be accurately measured and expands with positive, joyful feelings. When it comes to healing, your body is reacting more to what you put in your mind rather than your mouth.

I’m reminded of the truth in this principle every day with my patients but more so in the month of February than at any other time. It was on February 10th, fifteen years ago that I was diagnosed with cancer, but instead of fighting death, I made a conscious decision to claim life for myself. Those are two very different perspectives. From that day forward, every action I took was life affirming. Even today, my wife, Sherry and I still celebrate it as a day of life because it was the day my soul gave birth to a new Self.

To become a true partner in your healing process, you must do more than follow your protocol. You must take responsibility for your personal healing energy in every moment. Think of it as your energetic prescription. If you find yourself in circumstances or around people that breed negative energy; leave that situation or strictly limit contact with those people. Find an environment that uplifts you and makes you feel good! It’s not just about feeling better but healing better! Take your supplements and then forget about them. Trust your cells to do their job. Your work lies in managing how you feel from moment to moment. The only force that actually heals is inside of you and no one can access it except you. You open the door to that secret place every time you feel love, joy, excitement, gratitude, peace, contentment or any other positive emotion.

I was able to experience the love and joy that was missing in my life when I finally decided to make space for it. Clearing out the mental and sometimes physical clutter from our lives creates an opening, where…if we just wait; love will enter and speak to us. When your consciousness gets quiet, that’s when you’ll realize the important role your dis-ease or discomfort is playing in the evolution of your consciousness. I certainly did.

We can’t make time for love or life affirming choices if we’re bogged down with “busy-itis”. You know who you are. Those people who are always doing ten different things running in ten different directions. A time of healing is a sign that it’s a time to pull back, go within and focus on you. The world will go on if you’re not multi-tasking. Make other arrangements for the kids to get to baseball practice or let someone else manage the church bazaar. To be the best to others, you must be the best version of yourself first, and that means feeling your best. You can’t save the world until you save yourself. This reminds me of a poem that came to me in a dream as I was going through my “dark night of the soul” so many years ago.

Clearing by Martha Postlewaite
Do not try to save the whole world
or do anything grandiose.
Instead, create a clearing in the dense forest of your life
and wait there patiently,
until the song that is your life
falls into your own cupped hands
and you recognize and greet it.
Only then will you know
how to give yourself to this world
so worth of rescue.

So, I could easily say, “I’m a physician, not a magician” and that would be accurate. The truth however, is that my experience made me more than a physician. It made me a metaphysician and for that I am truly grateful because that is how I found the real magic of life. Have the courage to make life affirming choices for yourself and as partners in the healing process, we can make miracles happen…together.