MegaZEN Well-Being Journal – Volume 8


An Invitation of Love & Healing

The 8th volume of MegaZEN is finally here and once again filled with enlightening and empowering articles. During these times of unpredictability and ambiguity, we invite you to learn how love and heal again.

In this issue you’ll also learn about the dangers of a vegan diet for children, how to avoid knee replacement surgery, why meat substitute products are unhealthy, the incredible benefits of intermittent fasting, how to use the sun as medicine, why a father’s presence in the home is vital for a child’s emotional wellbeing, and more.

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MegaZEN is a Well-Being Guide for Your Spiritual Journey

Our latest issue is packed with insightful content

Consciousness & Entelechy

For an Intentional Healing Community

The Definitive Guide to a Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Volume 8 is valuable reminder of how interconnected everything is and that the divine is always in control of the process. Including important topics like Five Essential Questions for Life, The 4 Healing Agreements, The Sun as Medicine, Intermittent Fasting, Joint Venture, and more, MegaZEN is there to guide you in your life.

Empowerment & Perspective

Find ways to feel empowered during times of uncertainty. Dr. Habib Sadeghi, Dr. Sherry Sami, and other contributing experts will eliminate your fears about the future through education and action.


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MegaZEN Well-Being Journal – Volume 8


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