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MegaZEN Well-Being Journal – Volume 6

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The Consciousness Connection Edition

Being Clarity is excited to release the 6th volume of MegaZEN Well-Being Journal. Our largest collection ever, this latest issue has arrived to help open your mind and to create space for the new realizations and answers you’ve been seeking. The latest collection includes:

  • In-depth insightful content
  • Guides to conscious living & mind-body wellness
  • Sensitive discussions for parenting
  • Second look into various controversial topics
  • And Much more…

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MegaZEN is a Well-Being Guide for Your Spiritual Journey

Our largest issue is packed with insightful content

Consciousness & Entelechy

For an Intentional Healing Community

Creating a Place for Expansion & Awareness

Included you’ll find informative articles on how to avoid toxins in cosmetics, when and how to talk with children about sex, how to be an urban farmer with limited space, the danger ear buds pose for hearing loss, understanding the millennial generation, how midwives benefit birthing, maneuvering the midlife crisis, and more. As always, there is plenty of insight and inspiration provided through the Poetry Lounge and exciting updates on the outreach efforts of the Love Button Global Movement.

Health Begins with Knowledge

The latest issue aims to help open your mind and create space for the new realizations and answers you’ve been seeking. Packed with original content from Dr. Habib Sadeghi, Dr. Sherry Sami and several contributing experts from various fields, MegaZEN Volume 6 may result in the permanent fusion of mind, body and soul.

2 reviews for MegaZEN Well-Being Journal – Volume 6

  1. Alexis N.

    Wow! This magazine is amazing. Dr. Sadeghi provides so much powerful insight in these articles. Happy to have stumbled upon this. Love having this on my coffee table where my guests gravitate to open up and start discovering and expanding their consciousness. Great quality and looking forward to the next volume.

  2. Chloe S.

    What a great magazine!! I couldn’t put it down after the first page. I’ve learned so much and cannot thank Dr. Sadeghi and Dr. Sami enough for providing such a wonderful collection. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to challenge their way of thinking.

MegaZEN Well-Being Journal – Volume 6

$14.99 $9.99

In stock