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MegaZEN Well-Being Journal – Volume 5 (Digital)


Children & Choices Edition

Welcome to the 5th volume of MegaZEN which is packed with features focused on issues dealing with children such as why children become bullies and what to do if your child happens to be the bully. We examine the current trend of introducing children as young as four to aggressive academic education and how that approach may be harming their development in serious ways. We also explore Waldorf educational philosophy, homeschooling, the options for safe, non-toxic disposal diapers, and shed some light on how overuse of technology affects the developing brain. In addition, you’ll find other great articles on various topics, such as how to find a new purpose in life, and what’s really in the tap water you’re drinking, as well as lots of other informative pieces. We have also included a wonderful tongue-in-cheek, anti-self-help piece about how to have a miserable marriage!


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1 review for MegaZEN Well-Being Journal – Volume 5 (Digital)

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MegaZEN Well-Being Journal – Volume 5 (Digital)