Exploring the Healing Benefits of Mineral Baths

Full article published in MegaZEN Volume 7.

Is there anything better than sliding into a warm, aromatic bath, especially after strenuous exercise or a hard day’s work? The heated water just seems to know how to penetrate every part of the body that needs healing, as the scent of eucalyptus or lavender clears the mind and calms the heart. For thousands of years, humans have been instinctively drawn to soaking in warm waters as a method of healing, especially if the source is natural like a mineral hot spring.

Have a Spa at Home

Of course, no one gets a great body by going to the gym for a single workout. It’s a practice that must be repeated to experience the overall benefit. As such, bathing in mineral springs isn’t likely to do you much good unless you can do it on a regular basis. In Japan, mineral hot springs are common, and bathing in them is seen as a communal activity. So naturally, the Japanese reap most of the benefits because the practice is built into their daily lives.

Still, you don’t need to spend a lot of money visiting spas or traveling the world in search of the most pristine mineral hot springs.

Minerals as Medicine

Temperature is the trick.

Make sure to run the water hot to help release both physical and mental tension.

Minerals as Medicine

Add essential oils or epsom salts.

Give your body an extra layer of relaxation.

Minerals as Medicine

Sink into the bath.

Get into a comfortable position and slowly submerge yourself up to your neck.

Minerals as Medicine

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in your happy place.

The calming aspect of spas is part of the reason why spas have healing benefits.

Not only will you reap many of the same benefits, but you’ll save a lot of money, which will go a long way toward relieving stress, as well!

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