Exploring the Powerful Concepts of Spiritual Psychology in MegaZEN Volume 7

MegaZEN Volume 7 Now Available

A Note From the Founders

Every year we try to open each new volume of MegaZEN with a welcoming message that includes some of the wonderful things and challenges that have occurred in our lives since the last edition. Our intention in doing this has always been to show readers how the spiritual principles we share in MegaZEN can really help them find abundance and overcome adversity when put to good use. We do our best to walk our talk, and the annual MegaZEN address has always been a way for us to show how the universe will respond to you differently when you engage it through living consciously.

In thinking over what we wanted to feature on the cover of MegaZEN Volume 7, we considered a lot of things. There are some excellent features in this edition that could easily catch people’s eye. We also know a fair amount of prominent people in business, politics, and entertainment whose cover photo would sell lots of copies, but that’s not our style. Then the thought came to us almost at the same time.

What better way to emphasize the power of the spiritual concepts that we share than to introduce you to the two people who changed our lives forever by sharing these concepts with us. Yes, we know a lot of famous people, but Ron and Mary are easily the biggest superstars in our lives. Not only are we proud to introduce you to them but also honored that they’ve agreed to write the cover story for this edition.

MegaZEN Volume 7 Now Available

Ron and Mary Hulnick are Co-Directors and the President and Chief Creative Officer of the University of Santa Monica (USM). We first met them when we enrolled in the Master’s degree program in Spiritual Psychology. To say that our experience in working directly with Ron and Mary during our studies was transformative doesn’t even begin to describe the impact their knowledge and compassion had on us. It changed everything about who we are and how we live our lives. In adulthood, no two people have had a greater impact on us. They simply embody everything MegaZEN is about.

After we earned our degrees, we were blessed to remain friends with Ron and Mary. In fact, we’ve mentored with them privately for years. Their book, Loyalty to Your Soul: The Heart of Spiritual Psychology, is a wonderful introduction to Ron & Mary’s work and a virtual roadmap for life. Every spiritual concept we share in MegaZEN is based on its principles.

We hope you enjoy the article by Ron and Mary, and highly recommend that you attend one of the Loyalty to Your Soul workshops at USM that they facilitate themselves. If you feel it beneficial, you might also look into their other offerings. No matter how you experience USM, as well as Ron and Mary, your life will never be the same. No need to thank us; we already know you’ll be very, very grateful. We certainly were and continue to be.

Love and Light in the Year Ahead,
Dr. Habib Sadeghi & Dr. Sherry Sami