How your favorite colors tell a lot about you

Autumn is a great time to recognize the transformational and healing power of color. Its nature’s way of showing us that color is an integral part of transition and growth. The two most dynamic seasons of the year, Fall and Spring are bursting with vibrant colors that are signs of significant change in the season to come. Color signals the changes in the seasons of our lives, as well. Color is a messenger.

“Colors signals the changes in the seasons of our lives.”

Have you ever wondered why a specific color is your favorite? These things don’t happen randomly. We are drawn to certain colors because they resonate with our internal awareness. All things in life have a vibrational frequency, including colors. The chakra system tells us that these colors are connected to very specific emotions and concepts. Your attraction to specific colors may be sending you a clue as to what you need more of to create healing in your life.

Do you wear lots of blue? This color resonates with the throat chakra. Perhaps you have an unconscious desire to speak out about something or to be heard. Have you always driven a red car or decorate with it extensively in your home? Red is the color of the root chakra and symbolizes our connection to “mother” and the nurturing things in life. Could it be that you need more emotional reciprocation from your relationships? Maybe you need to re-examine the relationship with your mother.

Explore the chakra system and the meaning of color. What we think are just our personal tastes is really our heart giving us clues to what we need for healing!