Not all instant greens are created equal and knowing what to look for is important in juiced grass.

In recent years, much emphasis has been put on the health benefits of green drinks and green smoothies. This is a good thing but unless you’ve got the time to juice fresh vegetables every day, chances are you’re skipping your greens all together or consuming an instant mix. Not all instant greens are created equal. Like all supplements, you get what you pay for and health food shelves are jammed with knockoffs from companies looking to get some of the “green” for themselves. To make sure you’re getting a quality product, you’ll want to look for a few things.

Be sure the product is organic and that it contains a wide spectrum of alkalizing juiced grass like wheat, barley and oat grass. A quality product will contain grass “juices” and not the grass itself. Grass fiber is highly indigestible for humans and none of the nutrients will be accessible for you unless the grass is juiced first instead of just being dropped into the mix. It’s difficult to find a green mix that doesn’t use alfalfa. Do your best to avoid it. Studies are continuing to show a link between alfalfa’s anti-nutrients and auto-immune disease. It should have no added fibers or fillers like bran or flax that could deter absorption and be processed under low temperatures to preserve nutrients and enzymes. Additional enzymes and probiotics are always a plus.

Going green: Juiced Grass Alkalization

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