Dr. Sherry Sami will be Speaking at the Collaborative Health Summit on March 10

Join leading health professionals across advanced disciplines as we discuss integrative, collaborative, and inclusive health for the Whole Child. Advancing psychological care to encompass the “whole” functional treatment of mind, body and soul. Additionally, providing parents, educators and providers access to resources that truly matter!

Dr. Sami will be presenting on the role of the mouth and its function in children’s neurological development and overall well-being.

A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to The Andrea Rizzo Foundation to help fund Dréa’s Dream Pediatric Dance Therapy Programs.

Who is this Summit for?

This Summit is for parents to learn more about supporting their Whole Child and understanding integrative health. Professionals & Educators & Parents learning side by side – collaboratively sharing best practices, learning developmental approaches and integrative health for the whole child; mind, body & soul.

What topics will be covered?

This Summit is your chance to be inspired by leading experts across child development and health fields. Attending this summit will increase your skill set for total care (*as a medical/therapeutic provider, learner/educator or parent/care-provider) and the receiving of resources will aid in promoting integrative health for your child, family, and self.

Tickets Available now!