“Dance when you’re broken open. Dance if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.” – Rumi

In an uncertain world where we can feel ungrounded in so many ways, how do we stay grounded? Many people are feeling financially, emotionally, politically, or even spiritually lost. Sorting through all the contradictory information for a solution is more than a mental challenge, even for those trained in such subjects.

What do we do?

To stay sane in a world gone mad, keep coming back to your body —BREATHE, dance, meditate, write, and express gratitude.

1. Breathe

Practice 4-7-8. Four inhales through the nose, hold for a count of seven, eight exhales through the nose. Repeat this 5 times. If the duration is challenging, cut by 1 in each section.

2. Dance

Let your mind and body go, and move to the rhythm of your favorite music. Allow all that no longer serves you to pour out of your heart and mind, and give it to Mother Earth beneath you to absorb. You are not alone. Everything you’re feeling and thinking is accumulation of the collective consciousness of now and the past. Give thanks for it all, as all is sacred, while imagining all is releasing from the crown of your head and your two feet, as you dance your way to hope, unity, healing, and love.

3. Meditate

First, come to your senses. Notice what is around you right now: colors, shapes, smells, textures, the quality of light, sounds in the environment, and what’s hung on the wall. Be here completely. Then gently close your eyes and allow your breath to guide you through a scan of your body. Where do you have tension? Is there spaciousness somewhere? Are you holding yourself differently on the right vs. left? Scan your body as you let go in places of tension that withhold.

4. PEW-12

Purge emotional writing for at least 12 minutes. This is a great way for you to purge what’s in your mind that no longer serves you, or to bring awareness to what’s in your subconscious that you might not be aware of. Light a candle, and set the intention of releasing all the negative thoughts and mental noise that you no longer need. Begin writing as fast as your mind works. Don’t worry about your handwriting or finishing sentences. If your mind is jumping from one subject to another, don’t slow down. If nothing comes to mind for a moment or two, write exactly that until the next thought arrives. Write freely as Rumi said in The Guest House. Let the malice, dark thoughts, jealousy, and resentment, as well as your joy and love, if present, all come up. You end with compassionate self-forgiveness for any judgment present and send the light out for your highest good and the good of all those involved. Make sure you do NOT READ what you’ve written. It doesn’t matter how pretty your writing is or how profound your words are. Shred it or burn it. That’s what transforms the emotional energy contained in the words and your heart. Do this consecutively for at least 33 days. If you miss a day, start again. It’s also important to write on a piece of paper for this exercise and not use a computer. This is to make sure energetically all your emotions are discharged to a paper that will be destroyed and not your electronic devices that you use every day. The point is to cleanse the negative energy, not transfer it from yourself to a part of your environment.

5. Gratitude

Count your blessings. I hear many people recall blessings during these challenging times. What are you truly grateful for? Let that appreciation into your heart. What has been nourishing, fulfilling and created a sense of love, hope, peace, and safety for you today? Notice that even the smallest things such as a piece of music, the smell of fresh baked bread, or the beauty of a flower are all things to be grateful for. Remember to be grateful for relationships with those that you love, including your pet. It’s too easy to take them for granted.

We are all going through our present challenges one day at a time. Let it all be sacred. Our way out of this starts on a personal level. Take note if internally you’re being the chaos and fear you see around the world. Don’t contribute to that collective consciousness. Do your own work daily so you are part of a larger conversation called LOVE. And where there’s love, there’s no fear. There’s trust, surrender, engagement, presence, connection, and the beauty of our ONENESS.