12 Steps to Finding Renewed Energy, Spiritual Fulfillment and Emotional Healing

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Dr. Sadeghi’s Clarity Cleanse is a journey of self-discovery to unlock the unresolved emotional issues that hold us back and hurt our health, and live with greater self-awareness and success.

Being Clarity


A liberating 12-step guide to recognizing the emotional issues that hold us back, with strategies to increase our energy and help us reach our potential by the health and spiritual advisor to Gwyneth Paltrow.

Based on the powerful mind-body strategy Dr. Habib Sadegh developed to help himself recover from cancer more than twenty years ago, THE CLARITY CLEANSE will enable you to help your mind clear and your body heal. A regular GOOP contributor in health and spirituality, Dr. Sadeghi shows you how to turn obstacles into healing and energizing opportunities.

Because negative emotions actually do damage on the cellular level, THE CLARITY CLEANSE offers guidance for cleansing both your body and your mind. You will learn how to:

–Create a clear intention
–Purge negative emotions
–Practice compassionate self-forgiveness
–Refocus negative energy to move beyond doubt and fear
–Ask the kind of questions that will help your relationships.

THE CLARITY CLEANSE includes Dr. Sadeghi’s Intentional Unsaturation Diet, which helps support emotional cleansing by removing the residue of repressed negative emotions. The diet is designed to reduce congestion in the liver, gallbladder, lungs, kidneys, and pancreas-the organs most affected by feelings such as resentment and anger. Dr. Sadeghi’s friends at GOOP have offered eighteen recipes to help make this cleanse delicious.

Following the twelve steps in this book will help you to achieve a sense of peace and control, raise your self-esteem, and assert yourself in new ways to achieve positive and lasting change. Then, finally, you will be able to express your true, authentic self.


The truth is, the body doesn’t function separately from the mind. They are intimately & intrinsically tied together.

Dr. Sadeghi

About the Author

Dr. Habib Sadeghi is the founder of Be Hive of Healing, an integrative medical center based in Los Angeles. He specializes in multi-disciplinary treatment for chronic illnesses that include osteopathic, anthroposophical, environmental, psychosomatic, family, and German new medicine, as well as clinical pharmacology. He served as an attending Physician and Clinical Facilitator at UCLA-Santa Monica Medical Center and is currently a Clinical Instructor of Family Medicine at Western University of Health Sciences. Dr. Sadeghi is a regular contributor to Goop, CNN, BBC News and the Huffington Post, and is the publisher of the health and well-being journal, MegaZEN.

Here's what they are saying about The Clarity Cleanse

An advisor to Gwyneth Paltrow, Emily Blunt, Tim Robbins, Stella McCartney and others, Dr Sadeghi shows you how to turn obstacles into healing and energizing opportunities.

“THE CLARITY CLEANSE offers a profound path to healing. In it, Dr. Sadeghi clearly shows the false duality of mind and body, that indeed the mind and body are one and our internal worlds are constantly and deeply reflected in our physical body. He leads us with a sense of safety and security, optimism and hope, on the journey from illness and disease to thriving and flourishing.”

Alane Daugherty, PhD professor of kinesiology, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and co-director, Mind and Heart Research Lab

“Dr. Sadeghi simply saved my life. His rigorous honesty and compassion coupled with his tremendous skill makes him the most valuable voice in medicine. He is direct in both his vision and guidance. This book will you give you the tools to both simplify and amplify for your life for the better. Much like treatment with the man himself, this program will leave you feeling both healed and loved. Oh, and the best part: it’s a cleanse with no yucky shakes!”

Jenni Konner director, writer, and producer of Girls

“Dr. Sadeghi has helped me understand a path of clarity in my life. He’s supported me in bridging the connection between mind and body work. I hope others will find healing in his compassionate teachings.”

Jessica Chastain Actress

“Trust deeper. These two words, the journey to understanding them, and the man who taught them to me have changed my life. Dr. Sadeghi's The Clarity Cleanse is essential reading for anyone who has felt lost or broken (in other words, for everyone) and wanted to heal into a kinder, stronger and braver person. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Anne Hathaway Actress

“THE CLARITY CLEANSE-This is a GAME CHANGER! If you’re ready to stop going around in circles you have found your map. The Clarity Cleanse is a game changer for de-cluttering your emotional and physical body giving you more conscious control of your life and a taste of what it is to really live healthy, happy and free! Dr Sadeghi is absolutely incredible.”

Demi Moore Actress

“The Clarity Cleanse demystifies self-improvement in a way that’s exciting and accessible. It's common sense approach walks you closer to more power and progress in your life. Thank you Dr. Sadeghi for the bravery it took to tell your personal story, and to allow it to heal countless others. I am so grateful to be learning from it.”

Annabelle Wallis Actress

“Dr. Sadeghi reinvents what it means to reinvent yourself and It’s not just about seeing your life clearly, but finding the courage to move forward. He is the number one living proof that through love and gratitude, humans can co-create daily miracles. I'm eternally grateful to him.”

Penelope Cruz Actress

“My loving and caring friend, Dr. Sadeghi makes self-empowerment attainable and easy to understand. It’s because of what Dr. Sadeghi has overcome in his life that makes his guidance so relevant. He is a soul doctor who facilitates healing light where others might only see sickened darkness.”

Javier Bardem Actor

“In my professional life I achieved heights beyond my expectations but in comparison my personal life was empty. NO ONE should settle for EMPTY! In The Clarity Cleanse, Dr. Sadeghi outlined the steps to lead me to my own miracle of finding purpose, growth and love.”

Jeanie Buss Owner - Los Angeles Lakers

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